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With over 200 new features and improvements.

Drupal 8 is Finally Here!!!

Drupal 8 now you can Build something amazing. With over 200 new features  to work with and improvements. Drupal 8, The world’s favorite open source content management platform just got better.

Video streaming is the Best New Thing!

Everyone LOVES LIVE SHOWS! We at Unlimited Web Designs have been working with Live Streaming for many years.

Mobilegeddon Is Beginning, Not Ending in 2016

Mobilegeddon Is Beginning, Not Ending in 2016, You need to have you website Mobil Ready!

New google interface

This week, Google is changing their GUI (graphical user interface).

The main changes are the addition of the left bar, but it's also targeting by default using the local place of the user.

For SEO, this represent an interesting challenge, most of the scripts and software became obsolete because of the new gui, but also because it gives more importance to fresh content, twitter and social media.

That should be combined with the new Adwords tool interface, that present a slightly different data from the old version.


Google Product list

Char count: Count characters in a string

Calculate if your text is too short or too long for Title tag and Description tag.

Put your String here:


Site speed in search rankings (SEO)

Google Started to use the site speed in their alghorithm. If your site response time is small, you have a better page and your user will have a better experience, and then better rankings, With this algo change, Google wil also penalize websites that waste their spidering times in waiting for response.

How can you know if your page is fast or slow? How can you improve your site speed for SEO?

You can use various tools:

Facebook Surpass Google, in number of visitors


Facebook finally passed over Google in the number of visitors, and page views per user, Facebook became the #1 page in the US. This can rearrange the rules of advertisment on the internet.


facebook over google

Data taken from Alexa

SEO vs SEM (CPC) Results

My clients often ask about the best strategy between SEO (organic) and SEM (Paid pr CPC Results)

I think SEO if the best option in the long term, but if you want to have visitors in a rush, you should consider Paid Results.

Take a Look of this analytics image:

seo vs sem

As you can see, the visitors coming from paid results vanishes after the cpc campaign ends, while the SEO organic results lasts.

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