Drupal 8 is Finally Here!!!

Drupal 8 is Finally Here!!!

Drupal 8 now you can Build something amazing.

With over 200 new features  to work with and improvements.

Drupal 8, The world’s favorite open source content management platform just got better. Drupal 8 new standard for creating incredible digital experiences—for global enterprises, small businesses, and everything in between.

Drupal 8.0.0 released in November

New  release Drupal 8.0.0, the first fully supported release of Drupal 8! This is the biggest  and most expected update ever to Drupal, our open source content management platform. Here are a few of the hundreds of improvements in Drupal 8:

In-context, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editing and previews

Comprehensive content modeling out of the box with entities, fields, and views

Customization of content pages and even forms and administrative pages via the administrative interface

Full translatability and localization out of the box

Reliable configuration management for safe and straightforward deployment of changes between environments

Mobile-first, responsive, HTML5 output

REST-first native web services

Enhanced accessibility and WAI-ARIA compliance

Modern PHP standards and practices, with integration of popular libraries such as Composer, Symfony2, Guzzle, and Twig

Significantly improved front-end performance out of the box

Enhanced caching and best-of-class integration with CDNs and reverse proxies

Full compatibility with PHP7, and the PostgreSQL and SQLite databases

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With over 200 new features and improvements.

The world’s favorite open source content management platform just got better. Drupal 8 is the new standard for creating incredible digital experiences—for small businesses, global enterprises, and everything in between.


Simplicity for editors

Turn great ideas into great experiences. Leave your desktop behind and create compelling content on more modern devices than ever. Work efficiently with better previews and drag-and-drop image uploads. And when you need to make quick changes, choose in-context editing and use only the tools you need.

Power for administrators

It's easier to customize components—views, lists, blocks, admin tools, and more—than ever before. Control how data is displayed without using a single line of code. Structure content with more field types, and add SEO-friendly meaning with native Schema.org markup. Make creating and managing content a great experience too.

Accessibility for everyone

Drupal 8 ships with extensive support for accessibility standards, and not only for color contrast and font sizes. Semantic HTML5 helps you create interactions—even ones with dynamic content—that are more usable. Plus, Drupal now adopts more WAI-ARIA practices. You can make content structures easier to understand for people with disabilities.